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 *Cryptographical solutions might with great propriety be introduced into academies as the means of giving tone to the most important of the powers of the mind. 

*Edgar Allan Poe

*If you don’t believe it or don’t get it, I don’t have the time to try to convince you, sorry.

* Satoshi Nakamoto

Presale schedule and terms

Stage1 –    6 days    @ $0.00031

1 day off

Stage2 –   13 days   @ $0.00062

1 day off

Stage3 –    23 days   @ $0.00093

How much?

The minimum amount to be purchased will be 0.05 BNB.

Maximum purchase value per transaction will be 10 BNB. Multiple transactions could be made.


How will the presale work? 

In general, the presale it’s a fund gathering process to develop and expand the project.

Meantime the operations are being executed manually by our team, and this might take up to

24 hours since the steps are correctly executed in the following order:


Step 1: Send your desired amount of BNB,BUSD,ETH or USDT to our wallet address. (min 0.05 – 10 max)

Step 2: Enter your BNB wallet address in our form.

Step 3: Enter your receiving TRH wallet address in our form.

Step 4: SUBMIT – at this stage, the purchase form with your details is being automatically sent to us and within 24 hours we will manually airdrop your TRH.


 Did you follow all the above steps, in the exact same order and still haven’t got your TRH airdropped within 24h?

Kindly email our support team, at, your TX ID and we will review your transaction.


When and where will TRH get listed?    

We will initially launch TRH on two exchanges, Pancake Swap and APE Swap between 25th – May 2022.

Other exchanges – TBA

  Below you will find information on wallet configuration and how to purchase TRH.
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